Johnson Quarter Horses

             Registered "SOCK HORSES"


  What in the world is a sock horse? Much less a registered one?

I am always using my creativity for obtaining funds for children ministry at church or some other noteworthy mission.  Since we have had so many request for children to learn to ride horses, we are in the initial stages for program development.  I am making "sock horses" instead of "sock monkeys" as a money raising project for our current and developing riding program.

Each one is handmade, comes with a "registration papers" tha has a short history about breed, history, and individual name specific to each one.


 Special orders are taken - send picture of actual horse and will try to make it look as close to the real thing as possible!

$15/each plus shipping extra....

Great holiday present for those horse lovers in your family!

Here are some pictures from recent stable full of horses at Moore Medical Center Home Business Sale Nov 2012